Structural Biology BAG at ID-29 at ESRF

The Spain XFEL Hub has been granted the “beamtime allocation group (BAG)” proposal MX-2427 “Towards 3D structure determination and dynamics of biological and non-biological samples using TR-SSX methods” at ID29 beamline at ESRF synchrotron radiation source (Grenoble, France), which will be exclusive for serial synchrotron crystallography (SSX), as well as time-resolved SSX experiments. The BAG will be run for 2 years starting September 2022 and has been awarded 18 shifts to be used from September to February.

Why a BAG?

Getting your samples tested for crystal density and quality is crucial and will help you succeed in getting your XFEL proposals granted beamtime as well as in getting your samples ready for your XFEL experiments. So, we provide beamtime to conduct SSX experiments at ID29. If you are interested in serial crystallography experiments and you have potential targets, or if you have an upcoming XFEL experiment, we offer to help you to test your samples at ID29 using a variety of sample delivery methods including fixed targets and high-viscosity injectors. In addition, as part of the BAG, we also offer training for sample preparation and characterization, sample delivery and data processing.

If you are interested to join our BAG, please contact us so that we will update you when beamtime is available to coordinate the experiments.