XFELs produce extemely bright and ultra short X-ray pulses

XFELs to watch biomolecules in operation to understand how life works at the molecular level

XFELs to catching the birth of chemical bonds

XFELs to probe materials in extreme environments


The Spain XFEL Hub is an IMDEA-UAM-CSIC initiative with the goal of creating an international platform that will integrate approaches from multiple research areas ranging from Chemistry to Physics, to Biology, to structural biology. We intend to bring XFEL technology to those Scientists working in Spain, so that you all can benefit from all the advances XFEL facilities can offer. The Spain XFEL hub will provide the required expertise to exploit XFEL instruments worldwide by directing training and support for Spanish scientists inside and outside its borders.

Housed within the existing IMDEA/CSIC infrastructure, the hub will act as a focus for a number of activities:

      • Development of hardware and software for SFX
      • Provision of a sample environments labs to enable users to prepare and get samples ready for current sample delivery technologies at XFELs
      • Provision of a user access program to currently operating XFEL facilities worldwide
      • A dedicated fiber link from Hamburg to Madrid to enable users to carry out data analysis off-experiments, with support from the Spanish Hub team

Institutions involved in the Spain XFEL Hub initiative